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How to please your mistress in and out of the dungeon

All around the world and throughout history, it has been for many, a tradition to present offerings to their Deities. 


To make an offering to a deity is to show and profess loyalty, gratitude and adoration.


A practice and sentiment which I greatly appreciate from my potential pets and Slaves .

Below you will find an insight as to which gifts are appropriate for your Mistress and which will result in setting her pulse racing.

You are of course not expected to stick to the Wish List, as initiative can sometimes be rewarded, however, think very carefully before you invest. Gifts do not have to be expensive, however, do your research. As every action has a consequence and you would not wish to offend or disappoint now would you. 

I prefer flowers to chocolates or perfume, and I enjoy Champagne but not Prosecco. 

Flat 3, 39 Lansdowne Place, Hove, BN3 1HF

foot wear

postal address for tributes



New Rocks

New Rocks


Ladie Lucie

 Ladie Lucie 

Ladie Lucie

House of Etiquette


Westward Bound



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