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"Masked, with sight denied, sat on the floor, back against the wall, arms and legs out stretched and roped - it doesn’t seem to him that escape is an option! To keep the focus on the excellent bondage I am sat on an uncomfortably large plug, which feels as if it breaking me into two. And as if that wasn't enough You strap my head back. Head bondage is amazing, control the head and You control the senses and hence, the mind. Hence everything That belongs to pollux is owned by Madam M, mind, body and spirit.


There will be no lurching as You enjoy Your creature.


His nipples are of extreme importance to Your pollux and play an essential role during the session. They unlock the wildest excess of pain and pleasure, and I adore the attention my Mistress pays them. From gentle caress to biting clamps I adore every touch and will gladly endure every torment. You know Your pet well and You understand perfectly how these two insignificant looking features are a gift from Mother God to You. 


I feel the cane strike the inside of my thigh. You know that I hate impact play. Not because of the pain, but because I never feel that I can please You in this area. I want so much for You to be able to strike me and leave Your mark at will, But invariably I flinch, squeal, and struggle with every impact. You compliment me on my legs and feet - perfectly shaved, toenails freshly painted. I know what is coming and it’s a favourite of Yours, Bastinado. You love to strike my feet and hear me yell as my pain threshold is quickly reached. Please, Madam M, for as long as it amuses You do not stop. Please teach me to be stronger for You.


The electrics bite. Madam M rarely starts gently with Her pet but instead She loves to see those uncontrolled muscle contractions right from the start. Regardless of whether it’s my thighs or the more sensitive regions of my body the twitch always raises a wicked laugh that only serves to push the boundaries further. I long for this element of play and there is so much more to explore with this versatile method of torture. I am here for Your amusement and nothing makes me happier than Madam M enjoying Her pollux pain monkey.


Regardless of the agreed session time it is never enough. pollux savours every second in the company of his Mistress because She is so accomplished. To serve Madam M is the realisation of fantasy in every sense. She is the most amazing Dominatrix.

More testimonials... BDSM

Madam M is an expert in many aspects of BDSM play. She is diligent and nuturing, whilst at the same time, very happy to push the boundaries. Nothing illustrates my point better than Her needlework. In this She excels.

Madam M likes to have me blindfold and firmly restrained before She starts. She doesn’t seem to be very keen on twitching and wiggling so normally She has me fully locked down. I love Her humour. She will ask me if I’m comfortable, and if I politely answer yes She will hit the soles of my feet with Her crop. Then She will laugh, pause, and ask me again. Once I am in suitable discomfort Her real fun will begin.

I feel Her latex gloved hands glide over my genital area. She feels for my testes and then She runs Her hand along my penis. She gently touches both of my nipples, squeezing them. This whole process feels very sensual - but don’t be fooled.

Next a command, “lick”. I feel the edge of the suction cup against my bottom lip. Once moist it is placed over my nipple and a vacuum is drawn. My nipple instantly becomes engorged. The process is repeated and a feel the swell.

Her hands go back to my testes, this time I feel the cold sensation of alcohol wipes. She laughs again before instructing  me to stay still. She knows that I can’t move an inch.

I feel a slight pinch on the centreline of my scrotum. And Pow! The first needle pierces my skin, continues through my body for a second before re-emerging. The pain is intense but instant, I moan, catch my breath and thank Madam M. She tells me I’m welcome.

Before I can catch my breath the second is in. My heart rate steadily increases with each needle, I whimper, cry and scream. Madam M reassuringly rubs my shoulder with Her gloved hand, tells me I’m a good boy, and then remarks that She has a lot more needles to go. The pain intensity builds and builds as the needles form an orderly pattern around my body.

She tells me I have done really well and then removes the sucker from my, now, very swollen nipples. Knowing what comes next doesn’t help. The alcohol wipe confirms my suspicion. The pain is indescribable as the needle goes into my nipple. It penetrates all the way through, and breaks the skin on the other side. I cry out. Madam M, in Her generosity repeats the experience on the other side.

Needlework complete for the afternoon, Madam M gently strokes my skins and tells me again what a good boy I’ve been! Her praise makes it all worthwhile.

Glory Glory Gloriana..

"I first met Madam M at a Mistress's Christmas Party at House Du Croix whilst serving another Mistress and at the time I remember thinking that she was remarkably beautiful and a great deal of fun, with a rather sadistic streak thrown in. When my previous Mistress emigrated and I was eventually ready to seek a new Mistress, my mind immediately turned to Madam M in the hope that I need look no further. I was rather tentative in approaching her at first but one afternoon I finally plucked up the courage and called her, and was fortunate enough to be able to arrange an introductory session at extremely short notice.

Once at House Du Croix we were reacquainted and I was very pleased to discover that Madam M was not only as beautiful as I remembered but also as much, if not more, fun. The session itself was a memorable experience, not least for the moment I stepped out of line and broke the no-eye-contact rule - justice was swiftly and delightfully meted out. I came away from that first session with a broad grin and feeling extremely satisfied, in a variety of ways, that I had made the right decision.

Since this first time, I have sessioned with Madam M several more times, including longer two-hour or mind-blowing-and-deeply-exhausting three-hour sessions, the most recent of which I had the privilege to be introduced to the divine “Gloriana”.

Rules are occasionally broken, boundaries are frequently pushed. The longer sessions in particular have been utterly incredible - they have become much more free-form in nature; an exquisite collaboration of two people simply having an enormous amount of fun together. Whilst the details of our sessions together remain between the two of us, I can truly say that Madam M is every bit the consummate Mistress - professional, skilful, playful, alluring, tantalising, captivating and with a body to absolutely die for. I am the proverbial putty in her hands. She has killer shoes too.

Serving at the whims and pleasures of Madam M is an honour, an extremely precious and special gift, and I am deeply grateful for being allowed to be part of her world. All I can say is, long may it continue.

Having visited Madam M a number of times I am moved to write a testimonial... without wanting to give away what happens in her sessions.


When you first meet Madam M you will realise that her photographs do not fully convey her beauty: her creative spirit, grace of movement, natural authority and the devilish glint in her eye are await only those brave and lucky enough to meet her in person. 


She has an obvious enthusiasm for domination and had read my emailed requests/likes/experience/limits beforehand. Our conversations covering the necessary health and other detail before the session were used to further hone her ideas for our sessions. She has adapted sessions around my reactions and our conversations as they progress, communicating without ever disrupting the moment.    


It is a testament to her repertoire and professionalism that my particular kinks and fantasies seem to be natural for her to cater to. I imagine others will feel just the same.


She inflicts the pain I crave so so well, but it is often the moments when she imposes her domination sensually and in unexpected ways that create the strongest memories.   


Pet No.76

It was an honour and pleasure to meet Mistress at her Bristol Chambers.


Making arrangements by email was cordial and straightforward. Her Chambers are easy to get to and atmospheric yet cosy.


When we met Mistress was adept at putting me at ease and teased out my interests, style and limits in a very friendly and encouraging pre session discussion. 


When the session started I was capably corrected and soon was properly attired and put through my paces remembering etiquette, positions and how to try and serve.


Inevitably, I performed some tasks and met some expectations poorly, for example by having my stockings fall down, by dribbling too much from my gag, or not keeping my long gloves clean and pulled up. I was soon strapped to a bench and spanked, deservedly, by a firm leather gloved hand. 


I would wholeheartedly recommend contacting Mistress for correction because of her unique, high protocol, stern, but also humorous and intuitive style. 

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