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An adventure started for me from a limited experience with AW. com.
I was intrigued and encouraged by the wording and description by Madam M on the AW platform.
She seemed to speak strongly with ideas and experiences that were very powerful. A video of a meal
preparation for herself and one of her friends spoke strongly to me.
For years I had fantasied secretly online with CFNM activities where men are in servile roles and a
power imbalance. Here was someone I felt I would like to meet and possibly explore these hidden
fantasies. We seemed to be singing from the same “ Hymn Sheet.”
From the start I realised that here was skill and experience operating. I was a novice walking into
the chambers of a skilled professional.
Madam was an attractive woman, well dressed, easy to talk with and who made me feel
comfortable and relaxed.
After awhile she decided that we could move into the other room. She spoke with clarity and
confidence telling me to undress.
Entering the room was entering an Aladdin’s Cave with a whole assembly of different paraphernalia.
I had never experienced this in reality before. I was soon impressed by the professional approach. In
particular the levels of pain testing, nipple clamps, cp with cane, face smacking, where I was able to
use the traffic light system as a level of toleration. I felt safe. The emphasis was on consent. I had
some control. Even when handcuffed to a support I was able to overcome my panic thoughts of “
Will I get out of here ?” , I’ve not told anyone where I have gone .”
Since then two hour sessions have continued where always different activities and equipment is
used. She can be creative and spontaneous playing as the atmosphere and mood changes.
A lot of learning acquired and to be reflected upon later in the days following.
Whether one is a novice wishing to explore new experiences, or an experienced operator in the
BDSM community, I would recommend Madam M.
She is a professional, mature, skilled, intelligent and imaginative.
A journey with Madam M is a journey of change,
Enjoy the adventure.

Being admitted at Madam M for a session in Bristol’s chambers was like entering a cabaret that had opened just for me! I was welcomed in a small, softly lit room, decorated with a Victorian looking table and two wooden chairs, behind which large curtains were drawn closed. Dark instrumental music coming from the other room like a whisper.

Madam M, dressed in a stretchy see-through dress, black bra and black panties, politely asked me to sit. I had been nervous all morning, I was nervous even to do that! Somehow, although I was also intimidated by her seductiveness and beauty, it took Madam M only about three minutes to make me feel more relaxed, and safe.

As many have already written in their testimonial, what stroke me about Madam M was her warmth. I remember thinking about that word, “warmth”, almost out loud. An ineffable warmth that makes you feel welcome, and protected, in a way. Madam M in her element, like a queen on a gold thrown - without the arrogance. The confidence of a woman who has no need to prove it.

Very quickly, you know you’re in the presence of a remarkable, responsible and intelligent person. Dialogue was easy, fluid, natural. I could have listened to her for hours. I could have talked to her for hours too. Her responsiveness was like absinthe on my tongue for every word I spoke.

I loosened up slightly more and dared to look at her legs for the first time: elegantly crossed, beautiful legs in sheer seamed stockings. Vintage, black and dark red heels.

I shivered.

As we exchanged about my likes and limits, taking detours through labyrinths of kinky psychology, I also felt that energy around her. Something like a very rare, magic stone. A drive that made her look tall and strong. I imagined how easily she must stand out in a crowd, in a restaurant, in a nightclub; how wonderful it must be to be out in her company. I lost myself in reverie for a second and quickly focused back on her voice, on her face, on her irresistible smile.

I could look at her with a clear mind then, without it being clouded too much by my own perverted thoughts! I saw that spark in her eyes – visible on some of her pictures. I saw genuine excitement. I saw control and power. And then I saw the sadistic fire I had come for when she looked at me and calmly said we had talked enough!

I could not wait to be at the feet of such a fascinating Mistress.

In the kinky chamber, the hours that followed were the reflection of all the above: an intense, fun, unique and unforgettable first session punctuated by moments of sheer bliss, unexpected, unmatched.

For many years I have been fascinated by Corporal Punishment (CP), in particular, the Cane. I had constantly dithered about approaching a professional Dominatrix to 'scratch the itch' but always put it off. In some ways, finding my thoughts about the subject shameful and irrational.


The events of the last 18 months, however, prompted a serious revaluation. Quite simply, none of us know how long we have and I realised that I could no longer wonder 'what if'. I had to find out if my longstanding fascination with C P was as exciting in real life as when I had fantasised about it.


I undertook a great deal of research online before selecting a Dominatrix. I needed to find someone with a real empathy for CP. After my first session, I realise that, in approaching Madam M, I made a wise choice.


Our initial contact by e mail was cordial and respectful. We agreed on a date and time, Mistress made the necessary arrangements, I paid the required deposit and all was set.  As a complete novice though, I was still full of nerves approaching the door of the Brighton Dungeon. When one is about to cross the Rubicon,  one inevitably wonders; am I about to make a huge mistake?


The minute Madam M opened the door, however, I knew my concerns were unfounded. Mistress is charming and elegant with a warm smile and bubbly, welcoming personality.  Hence a friendly, professional welcome was followed by a thorough, relaxed conversation about where my interests lay, what my limits were, what I hoped to get out of the session, my safety and her expectations etc.


 I felt completely relaxed opening up about things I have kept hidden within myself for years. In consequence, I was not the slightest bit nervous, but excited and thrilled when Mistress told me to strip for what was to come.


 Everything then proceeded at a leisurely pace, nothing felt hurried. Mistress explained the implements she was going to use to punish me and their likely effects and sensations. Regularly, she checked my comfort in terms of the physical issues with my hamstrings and toe that we had discussed and agreed beforehand. I felt completely safe throughout.


The session itself was a revelation. My long-standing interest in CP was every bit as exciting in real life as I had imagined.  I was strapped and caned and whilst we had agreed a system of safewords, I never felt close to needing them because Mistress read my body so well. She stepped up the pain, allowed me to recover took me back again. She teases, laughs infectiously and encouraged me all the way through. I felt privileged when Mistress felt I had performed sufficiently well to punish me with her Singapore Dragon Cane for my final 14 strokes. I was able to lose myself to her control without ever once feeling stupid or scared. It. Was. Amazing. 


After the session concluded - two hours having flown by - I dressed and we had a lovely chat about how we felt the session had gone.  I left, flying with adrenaline about the experience. It will not be too long before I request another session with Madam M.


If, like me, you have been fascinated by CP for years. If you too have felt strange, or nervous talking or even thinking about 'these things' , I can assure you that Madam M will quickly put you at ease, lead you to the experience you crave and you will be astonished by how amazing it feels when your dreams come true!


To quote George Addair; 'Everything you've ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear'.


I am delighted that I got past mine.


Prospect AT

I had the pleasure of having my first session ever with Madam M.

I cannot describe enough with words how special she is and how much into your deep emotions she gets.

As many of you might have experienced during your first session ever, you feel a bit nervous and shy and with a big rollercoaster of thoughts right?

Talking to her made me feel all her power and experience, her soul gets into yours in ways that u cannot even imagine, penetrative like a wave of intense energy and sensations. 


I felt I could trust her 1000% I felt I was with a person that knows what she is doing, I am with an experienced, sexy, sensual, mature and extremely wise Goddess.

I will never forget how her eyes gets straight into you like a spiral I can still feel her energy near me, her voice in my ears, her wonderful smell her power. 

Has been a day from our session and i feel as she is still near me like only a few seconds have passed. 


Thank you Madam M for everything.

I had the pleasure of discovering Madam M as lock-down first hit so had the frustration of not being able to visit her in person for 18 months. However, yesterday I was granted permission to meet with her at her Brighton dungeon. 

Madam M is a beautiful lady, with a figure and personality that is captivating and powerful. Our first session started off with an introduction into the does and don't, the rules of the session before shortly finding myself naked on the floor worshipping her feet. This was soon followed by more intense play with me restricted and tied to the cross and various implements being used to remove pegs from various sensitive areas of my body. 

All the time Madam M was kind and communicative whilst clearly always being in charge and very willing to inflict pain whenever it pleased her. 

I hope I managed to put a smile in mistress's mind during our session, which at 2hrs passed ever so quickly, before cleaning up and making my way back into normal life. I hope I may have the chance to session with MM again and wish any of her other prospects all the pleasures and pains that she may wish to behold upon you. 

I met Madam M at a small event and was taken in by her bubbly personality and stunning figure straight away.

Her charismatic smile lights up every room she enters and she carries herself with elegance.

Not long after the event, I made contact and right from the beginning I felt very comfortable talking about my kinks and fetishes.
After getting to know each other a little more we decided a session could take place and I booked in for 2 hours.

I was very nervous upon arrival as this was my first 121 session but as soon as Mistress opened the dungeon door I calmed down.
She showed me a well-equipped dungeon as we talked about the last few session details.

The session went by in a flash with so many little moments to look back on with delight.
It was an incredible experience and I can not wait to be in Madam M's strict yet sensual hands sometime in the future.


Dear Madam M, 


We can't thank you enough for a truly wonderful evening. Being in your presence was a delight from start to finish.


You were everything we had been hoping for and made our fantasies come true. We really did appreciate the time and effort you put into talking to us both in the week and before the session. 


We felt completely safe and secure in your knowledgeable hands. 


You gave us an experience we will be enjoying for weeks to come and we can't wait to see you again. 


For any couples looking for a Bi Mistress who enjoys domming couples, Madam M is wonderful. Intimate and attentive, she's an expert. She made our fantasies a reality! 


Loves, S&R xx

I contacted Madam M for a session and it was a decision I would not regret. She is perfect in every way. It was my first session and I was given clear instructions and directions to find her. I was very nervous and anxious but there's no need to be she sits down before and talks through everything with you and the anxiety will soon disappear. Hold on to the nervousness though because if you don't follow her rules and protocol she can be very strict. 


She is very beautiful and will get in your head as soon as you step into her chambers. I was given easy clear instructions and rules to follow which I completely messed up as she caught me up in a whirlwind of emotions. This was dealt with by punishment and she will really make you suffer. She reads your body perfectly and you can feel how much she enjoys making you suffer. I won't go into too much detail with how she punished me but she will test you. 


I was rewarded towards the end of the session with her perfect bare feet and immaculately pedicured toes in my face and I was allowed to worship her feet. 


The only regret i have is not booking longer. 

Like many people i imagine reading this, i had longed for years to visit a Professional Dominatrix.  i supposed i never really had the courage to make that step. Put off by the media’s perception of shouty Women with a whip, i had confided my fantasies to online.

Over the years i had studied many websites of Femdom Mistresses and had even set up a Fetlife profile, but could not make that first step to make my fantasies become reality.

However on New Year’s Eve i decided to make it my New Year’s resolution to contact the most attractive Mistress i had found on the internet and book a session with Her.

i was polite and courteous in my initial email, however in my haste in sending my email i made an important spelling mistake.

As soon as i sent my email my heart filled with dread, as one never gets a second chance to make a first impression and felt i should apologies immediately and send Mistress something from Her wish list to make amends, and to show Her i was serious about being a potential client.Madam M was understanding of my error and this enabled me to converse with Her over emails, regarding my fantasies, fears and worries.

i think it was at this point i knew i had found the right Mistress for me. i felt it was only right that i should buy Madam M something from Her wish list for Her time. i quickly found myself being Her gift gimp, buying Her gifts from Her wish list to make Her smile, which made me happy.


i loved receiving emails from Her as i ensured that shoes and clothes were the right size and return labels were sent, for those gifts that were not. Her emails were the highlight of my day and i would find myself studying Her website, ensuring that my actions could please Her.

Over the course of many emails i was able to plan the booking of our session. i feared i would not be fun to play with and not have a high enough pain tolerance for Mistress to enjoy our session. i found Madam M very understanding of my worries and inexperience of real life Femdom.

i wanted to try many things and was able to talk to Madam M, without the fear of being ridiculed. We agreed on hard limits (e,g. scat and toilet play) and a list of things i wanted to try (e.g. CFNM, foot fetish, maid training , strap on play).

Our session was everything I could have wanted and more.

Madam M, is stunning, even more so in real life than Her photos on Her website. She has a grace and elegance of a Goddess and is very much an Alpha Female, someone superior to me in so many ways, but understanding of us lower creatures.

Our session was filled with 2 hours of delicious fun. i am still buzzing from it.

i was “forced” into Female clothes and was even given a pair of stockings, which i wore underneath my male clothes to go home with after our session, which felt very naughty.

During our session, i loved the way Madam M was able to read me and introduce things that She felt I should try.  i loved lots of things from the day, being chained up and having my nipples clamped was especially fun. It felt amazing licking the soles of Mistress Melia’s shoes. I also felt I found my rightful place being on my knees in front of Madam M

After the session lots of naughty thoughts went through my little head about what i would like to try next (cock and ball torture, me being caged and trampling).

i think Madam M is one of the most amazing people i have ever met. To be a good Professional Mistress is a difficult job, being able to read someone and be able to turn fantasies into reality is something that not many can do. i am so glad i have found Madam M, who has the emotional intelligence to allow me to talk about my naughty fantasies and the ability to make them real.  i really appreciate Her time and hope She would like to play with me again. It is a huge privilege to have met Her and to be in Her presence.

kind regards,



MM is wonderful. She genuinely cares about what She and you get out of a playtime together. The first time we played it also snowed the same day, MM and i spent what seemed like a million years chatting through our experiences and seeing where they overlapped. She is just so easy to open up to that i felt alarmingly comfortable sharing my most deep and perverted fantasies with her from the get go. As such i got a huge amount out of the session, it was a really relaxed and well-tailored playtime. Everything felt so thoughtful, exciting and on point; there were no moments i wasn't hugely into the whole scenario She had planned, just waiting for MM to step the whole scenario up a notch. 


Mistress is very good at what she does, and exceptionally clever too. MM makes a massive effort to ensure the playtime is memorable, but at no point should you forget just who is in control and who you are there to please. i made the mistake of looking into her eyes for a fraction of a second during our first session, it was so quick i didn't register it until MM pointed it out to me. Other Mistresses have just told me off for things like this, not MM! I spent the next 10 minutes having my bum turned red, tied up tight over a spanking bench. That was five minutes into the session. This time it took me seconds to transgress, hence i soon ended up with my nipples clamped. Pegplay on my chest was a grey area MM and i had discussed. Our chat beforehand meant She was fully aware that i get no real pleasure and they are best used for occasions when I've really, really fallen well below the standard MM is trying to teach me. Her actions to go straight to using these shows just how measured she is when in control of you. Even at the time i knew MM was entirely right to clamp me, i had crossed the line disgracefully, and let Her down. 


MM certainly is in control. She knows how to work you, and she will work you hard in all the ways you mentioned to her so easily just a few minutes before. She has a very clear set of expectations and she will ensure you stick to them, but equally she can wield pleasure superbly as well. It makes my heart flutter a little to hear Mistress say 'well done', but getting queened (suitably attired) as a reward for having met one of Mistress' challenges was exhilarating. Clothed Queening and humiliating tasks are some of my absolute favourites, but then MM knew that and had judged my limits perfectly in her challenge. She pushed me, but it was a lot easier with the thought of MM's prize. Equally you'll never feel unsafe with Mistress; she is very clear when checking you're not uncomfortable or if there are any issues, whilst definitely testing where your limits are straight afterwards. She's so caring, not just to make sure you're feeling safe and secure, but also to make sure you are getting the most out of the time She grants you. 


MM clearly loves this life and is simply an artist. She will play you like an instrument, leaving you feeling out of this world for days to come. She will do this in the best atmosphere i can recall in a dungeon, one where you've left feeling so safe yet so intoxicated by someone. MM is wonderful.

"Dear Madam M,


I thought I would drop you a line line to tell you how much I enjoyed our session the other day. Being a newbie to BDSM I was very apprehensive approaching you but, you made the process very easy. Thank you for allowing me the time to express my fantasies to you, and thank you for listening so empathetically. 


I really enjoyed the foot worship aspect, which acted as the perfect lead in and enabled me to feel at ease.


Your bondage techniques were perfect, and again well balanced for a beginner on the first steps of discovery. Gentle tease mixed with torment was wonderful, I really enjoyed your use of nipple clamps, pegs and the flogger.


I would like to round off by expressing my gratitude for your use of sounds. I didn’t have the first idea about these implements but they were intense and your use of them unexpected and inspired. Thank you.


I would very much like to see you again, only this time maybe book two hours as I feel one hour was not enough. You have my consent to use this testimonial should You wish to."


Your servant

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