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Whilst most sessions with me will involve punishing you as its central theme, we can elaborate on the details and setting of that punishment.

Some long-held fantasies can be pretty specific and require details or a particular scenario to be genuinely satisfying. Creating and planning these sessions always reminds me of foreplay, and I am always prepared to go all out when the day finally arrives. Many submissives have fantasised about a Mistress dominating them in a particular setting, outfit and these details are just as important to me as they are to you.

Within these parameters, I can lose myself in the scene and become the sexy but evil villainess of your dreams. 

For many of the submissives that find their way to me, their submissive tendencies were triggered when they were young, by either a female character in a movie or an experience at the hands of a dominant woman during their formative years. Or sometimes as an abstract fantasy about a woman in a position of power.

However different the picture in your mind is, the common desire is to be under the control of a beautiful and dangerous woman. By making you utterly helpless, these games are pure power play, and with my years of experience and BDSM know-how, you can trust me to plan your demise meticulously.

I don’t want to tick boxes for you. Any woman can do as she’s told and give you what you want. But that is not why you are contacting me. I am so much more. I am here to use my innate gifts of sadism, seduction and build in unseen safety measures that respect boundaries (for both parties). This allows us to play within your limits but go beyond your expectations.

Are you looking for :

  • A hostage situation?

  • A Policewoman interrogation scene?

  • Confessions with an erotic Nun?

  • Dressing down in boss lady’s office?

  • Telling off from the headmistress?

  • Or anything else your deviant mind can conjure up

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