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Professional Dominatrix - Madam m
brighton - sussex - London - Europe

As a bisexual Professional Dominatrix and Mistress, I take great pleasure in disciplining and correcting naughty boys and girls with various methods. I am extremely fond of Corporal Punishment and CBT with a side helping of humiliation where suitable, and if you are lucky enough, I may even permit you to worship my feet. I have a large collection of foot worshippers, and you will come to understand why.

As a Mistress, you will find me to be strict, uncompromising and demanding, yet; I will always ensure that I indulge my passion for inflicting both pain and ecstasy in equal measure.....  simply for my amusement and sadistic satisfaction. Your reward will be the sound of my infectious laughter and my notorious smile.


You're my plaything, my toy, and you're here for my entertainment. Whether you are looking for the opportunity to foot worship, in need of discipline or wish to indulge in roleplay, I'm original, spontaneous and unpredictable, so that every session will be a hedonistic exploration of dark and secret aspects of your deepest desires and fantasies.

I am the author, the master and the commander of your journey. Do not ask, do not script and do not presume.....  you are simply an object of pleasure and experimentation for me.


Corporal punishment is probably what most people think of when they think of BDSM. A spanking or a whipping. 

But it is so much more than that.

This taps into the fundamentals of BDSM, power exchange and punishment. But it can be used in several ways, in many different kinds of sessions. This is listed as one of my specialities because it has been a regular feature of my career as a Mistress; consequently, I have become very good at it.

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If you know anything about me, I am a Dominatrix that travels. I am up and down between Brighton and Bristol and work on my feet, usually in heels. My feet get tired, and I need devoted slaves to care for them regularly. 

Feet and Foot Worship have always been one of my favourite fetishes, and I have gained a large following for it. 

Foot fetish.jpg

Some long-held fantasies can be pretty specific and require details or a particular scenario to be genuinely satisfying. Creating and planning these sessions always reminds me of foreplay, and I am always prepared to go all out when the day finally arrives. 


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