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Couples coaching

Myself and my significant other had been experimenting with Tie and Tease for a little while and we were both wondering about further aspects of BDSM.  We stumbled across the Brighton Dungeon and noticed that they offer a Domme Experience, which both really intrigued us. 

So, I quickly booked the whole thing for January 2022. A few days before we were due to arrive in Brighton, Madam M contacted us on the phone to discuss arrival times and to gauge our experience. We had such a lovely open and frank discussion which calmed some of our nerves. 

On the day of arrival, we had just settled in, Madam M then texted us to say that she was on her way. Myself and my soon to be future Dominatrix girlfriend started to become a little nervous, well actually more myself, on the pending arrival of Madam M. Thoughts of what to expect started to fill us with excitement. Madam M promptly arrived on the exact time that she indicated and we were both blown away by her lovely, kind, thoughtful nature and her natural beauty. As we talked through our experience, which we have to say was definitely at the beginner level, we quickly realised that there is nothing that phases Madam M and she invites you in to talk about you desires, wishes and is clearly the ultimate professional. Her depth of knowledge is so vast and yet she is so humble at that same time. 

Following our little conversation Madam M showed us around all the equipment and in the Dungeon and it was to be used. Before I could even think straight, I found myself handcuffed and tied to the frame. Madam M then proceeded to show my Goddess (Dominatrix) girlfriend on who to use the various paddles, etc and how to control her submissive man. My heart was now racing at this time and I could not believe how I was now under the spell of my girlfriend so quickly and how Madam M to took full control. I was instantly catapulted into the realm of the Submissive. It was devine.

Our weekend at the dungeon was filled with the most love, passion and trust that any couple could experience and we can’t thank Madam M enough for her support and encouragement. So much so, that we are now planning to meet with her again in the very near future to explore our darkest and deep fantasies.  

J (sub) & K (Goddess)

For the last few years S and I have been exploring our D/s relationship, myself in the dominant Mistress role. We have moved to a 24/7 relationship, I enjoy the pampering, devotion, keeping my sub in chastity of course and sadism of the role.


S suggested we have a stay at a dungeon and include a visit from Madam M. I was apprehensive but decided to take the plunge and use it as an opportunity to hone the skills in my dominant role. As the time approached we were both nervous but probably for different reasons! I met Madam M at the door and instantly felt at ease, her humour and attitude to me as a “Mistress in training” meant any nervousness vanished instantly.


We talked things though, Madam M taking a personal interest in where we were in our relationship. checking our experience, what we wanted to explore and also our limits.


S was our willing victim, Madam M and I had great fun. Teasing him and playing with the various toys on offer all while Madam M explained what she was doing and how I can improve. She showed me how to use various floggers, paddles and canes. Madam M explained and showed me how to warm up S for a harsher whipping and explained how I can improve communication throughout.


I was in no doubt S would enjoy the session but surprised by how much I enjoyed it, feeling at ease throughout. It was also unexpected how much I enjoyed seeing my sub whipped by someone else. I am sure Madam M would be happy to know I added nicely to the stripes on our victim over the weekend and these are evident still some days later.


I would recommend Madam M to anyone, singles or couples and feel her knowledge could add to even the most experienced BDSM couple’s lifestyle. We are looking forward to another session at the earliest opportunity.


Mistress K

The terms breath-taking, stunning and out of this world come to mind. My Mistress/wife and I had the privilege of a visit from Madam M while visiting the Brighton Dungeon. The purpose of the visit was to experiment in our existing 24/7 BDSM relationship and for her to build confidence and skills. We could not have found a more perfect guide than Madam M.


We were both a little nervous waiting on the arrival of Madam M. My wife was put at ease within minutes of meeting her followed by a discussion where she asked us questions about our likes, experience, interests, limits and of course safety to help make it a truly amazing experience.


Seeing Madam M and my wife exchange ideas of what they would like explore was the perfect way to push me further in to my submissive space. It definitely added to the trepidation on my part. While I was consulted to ensure I consented, Madam M was certainly in my headspace and knew my limits could be pushed. The use of floggers and canes was something we had not really explored alone so the goal was set for me to wear my stripes.


We began with me being bound on the cross, Madam M explaining the how's and why's to my wife. Madam M maintained perfect discipline over me while giving my wife all the information for her to gain more confidence as a domme. With me bound they explored flogging techniques, from warm up, pleasure through to pain and included using pegs as target practice on my nipples of course. It did not take long for me to zone out to that exquisite place in my mind that any submissive can surely relate to.


With some confidence gained it was time for me be bound securely to the whipping bench. Madam M continued to instruct, adding cane techniques, while they warmed me up. When the moment came I can only describe it as euphoria. Did I want it to stop, yes; it hurt, but did it? Pleasure or pain, I was in a place where I could not have decided. Did I earn my stripes, definitely, along with the proud feeling of pleasing both my Mistresses.


Madam M is not only beautiful but a true artist in the world of BDSM. She was more than generous with her time, advice and knowledge. Sadly our time came to an end followed by a wonderful discussion and debrief. My wife was gleaming with excitement as was I. We plan on meeting again in the near future and we would advise anyone regardless of experience to book a session. As a submissive it was truly an honour to session with Madam M.


Sub S

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