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Welcome to my Dominion

About Madam M

You will address me as Madam M, and come to know me as so much more. This can be considered your first instruction. Learning to address me correctly is a crucial first step, and as you read on, you will soon learn all you need to know about what makes this Mistress different from the others.

We are all a culmination of our combined life experiences, they make us who we are and give our lives context and meaning. Once you know how my inner Domme was created out of those experiences, you will understand what drives me, and can then ascertain how well we will work together. Finding a good fit is so important for both of us because when that chemistry is right, there is seductive magic that will be unique for both of us.

Let's begin with

Where I am coming from

I am a British citizen, despite not being born here. And if you have the pleasure of meeting me, you will see that there are aspects of my personality that are quintessentially British. That is, however, paradoxical, as there are also aspects of my character that are far from typically British.

Growing up while moving around so much, I could never really begin to comprehend what “normal” was, or “average” or “common” because I never stayed anywhere long enough for familiarity or normality to affect me, so I never tried to sustain any of these things. My horizon kept moving, as did my goals and ambitions. I am formed from a cultural melting pot, due to living abroad, living with a multitude of nationalities and travelling so extensively. I was always going to become someone extraordinary and I am grateful for all the people I met, all the “strange” places I went because I am now a very broad-minded, versatile woman.

One of the places that I think influenced me most, would undoubtedly be Amsterdam in Holland. I decided to travel there when I was 19 and ended up staying for three years. If any of you are familiar with living in Amsterdam as a young person in the 90’s, you will be aware that most tenancies are only available for short periods of time to foreign visitors. So as a result, I ended up living all over the city, until I found a beautiful houseboat on the Korte Prinsengracht, which was available long term. I spent two years living there, enjoying the electric atmosphere of the red light district after a day's work, and forever trying to gain access to the formidable Cockring Club, which was a males-only venue. The burning curiosity of what delights lay beyond those doors intrigued me.


Over that three year period, I met and made some incredible lifetime friends, both in and out of the sex industry. They introduced me to the Fetish scene/lifestyle that I have now been a part of for over 20 years. The city is completely responsible for the fact that I am impossible to shock when it comes to kinks or hedonistic behaviour. When you see a 6ft man wearing anal beads, a thong, and rollerblades, skating down your street most afternoons, you tend to become accepting of the most unexpected sights! So never be afraid to ask or to talk to me about a fetish you are interested in. As long as it is raised in a respectful way I am happy to discuss anything that I can help you safely explore.

Where I am now

Back to the story...  After returning to the UK from Amsterdam in my early twenties, I chose to go and live in Brighton. To me, it was the closest place in the UK that encapsulated that unequivocal style of bohemian heaven. It is a culturally diverse city and it has embraced the LGBTQ community so well that I always feel safe and at home here. There I began my educational journey into the world of Art and Design, eventually earning a BA, but also continuing the exploration into BDSM that had been sparked whilst in Amsterdam. None too surprisingly, I found it easy to meet like-minded individuals in the UK’s gay capital, and soon I was attending fetish parties regularly. I became involved in performing at events such as TG’S and exclusive fetish soirées held around Sussex, most of them in private mansions. I clearly remember attending an after-party at the infamous Mistress Dometria’s Dungeon in Brighton and stating that one day; I would become a Dominatrix.

I currently divide my time between the two cities of London and Brighton.


Both have their own appeal and draw a different type of person to them. I like variety, and enjoy the change of scenery. This also allows me to see submissive's from all across the South of England. Though many travel from much further afield to kneel at my feet and experience my exquisite dominance, so don't let distance be a barrier.

My appetite and interest to experience new things have taken me all over the world. I have had the pleasure of living in many different places, each showing me something new and exciting. I plan to tour more in the future as there are still so many places I'd love to visit and things I want to see. (Sponsoring my trip to your city is always an option.) It is important that we all indulge in the things that make us feel exhilaration, and for me, travel is one of those things.

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How the Dominatrix emerged

Unbeknownst to me, not only would I be a Dominatrix with my own Dungeon on the South Coast, but I would also be lucky enough to be frequenting the very dungeon that I had been in when making the statement of becoming a Dominatrix. Because I was young when taking those initial tentative steps into the fetish world, I remember being unsure at first as to where I belonged, and I think so many of us feel that way at the start. There were so many questions.

What kinks did I have? What fetishes did I enjoy? What were my hard limits? Would I be safe? What if I didn’t enjoy something?

Unlike some, I did not initially enter the scene with a clear and assured understanding of my interests. However, I did have a fervent curiosity, and that kept me returning again and again with the desire to explore, learn and experience, as much as I could. And that is the key to it, to be focused on exploring because no one can find out about their own wants, needs and desires without considering everything on offer.

This is where you could say my initial training took place. Not at the hands of a professional Mistress as such, but at the school of life. Even though I did go on to train in a well-established Dungeon in Bristol, this is where my BDSM education began, in the depths of the kink world.


Trial and error. There were some hard lessons in there for sure, because it seems like everyone else knows exactly what they are doing and you don't want to look lost or out of your depth. I can empathise now when newbies contact me. But these are the smart ones, these boys and girls that find a reputable professional to experience BDSM with are able to explore without pressure or agenda. You pay me - you learn. There's none of the boundary nudging or condescending gatekeeping, it is done with safety in mind and aftercare to make sure you are processing the revelations that will come with it.


Along my journey, it became quite clear, quite quickly, that I was not a natural submissive. I can say that I did attempt it on one or two occasions, and I do believe that these experiences have helped me hugely. I now have an understanding of the mindset of the submissive who is under my control, I can relate to their fears and concerns also their desires and palpable desperation.

Establishing trust and boundaries

Within the walls of stately homes filled with beautiful furniture and beautiful perverts, I learned that pleasure and pain are best enjoyed when separated by the thinnest of margins. I will dance with you just between the two emotional responses. Dangling you in the realms of excruciating pain, and pulling you back to the safe shores of pleasure at just the right moment is a skill in itself. Decadent scenery helped me see BDSM as the luxury it is. Not everyone can afford the time or money it takes to visit me, and often not even money alone will (or can) secure you my time. You need to be blessed with manners, intelligence and malleability. I learnt how important trust between the Dominant and the submissive is.

To relinquish control of your body to another person is an extraordinary act of trust, it takes an exceptional level of bravery and confidence too. These traits are exemplified by a submissive in the hands of an equally brave and confident Dominant. With the right Domme, you can grow in ways that have a positive impact on your life far beyond just kink. It can be unbelievably empowering to submit to someone and survive a day at their mercy. Over a period of time, this gives you a level of resilience and fortitude that can fuel ambition and drive you forward to achieve more than you would have thought possible.

The trust between a Domme and sub, once established, can be the foundations for a very fulfilling ongoing kink dynamic. Testing and playing with boundaries can only happen when both parties are committed to communication. I need to know that my submissive is able and willing to communicate truthfully with me, one hundred percent of the time. The trust required to bare your most honest feelings is both profound and humbling. It is likely you will never tell another living soul, things you tell me. I have many long term subs because I am able to help them manage the emotional highs and lows this journey can bring.


My areas of interest are based around Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Forced Feminisation/Cross Dressing, CBT, Role Play and Foot Worship.

However, as you will see when we meet, I enjoy a wide range of play.


My contact details are as follows:


Tel no: 074831 27880


Twitter: No1MadamM



Tops: UK S 8/10

Bottoms/Skirts: UK S 8/10

Bra: 30 DD

Panty: UK S 10 - EUR 38

Dress: UK S 8/10

Glove: UK S

Shoes: UK 4  -  EUR 37 - US 6


  • Brighton (outskirts) - My Chambers

  • Brighton Dungeon

  • London

  • Sussex - St Leonards on sea

  • Geneva

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