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discipline & Corporal punishment

It took me a long time to summon up the courage to visit Mistress.  But I needn’t have worried.  She has a warm personality and was very welcoming on my arrival.  She is also strikingly attractive with a lithe and perfectly shaped figure. She quickly put me at my ease but, at the same time, was extremely practical and candid when we talked about how she would deal with me, including, in particular, the pain and pleasure that I could anticipate. She intended, she said, to take me to my limits. This would not be easy for me, and she required my total and unquestioning obedience throughout. However, she felt sure that I would find pleasure in discovering how far I could go. Full of anticipation but feeling very nervous about what lay ahead, I agreed to submit to her disciplinary regime.  With that, she pointed to her punishment bench and instructed me to strip and kneel on it.


She strapped me down tightly on the bench and picked up her cane.  Then, standing before me, she flexed it between her hands and whipped it up and down to demonstrate its pliability.  My heart sank, as she had no doubt intended. She moved behind me, and I glimpsed her, raising the cane high above her shoulder.  A long and nerve-racking pause followed as she carefully aimed at my waiting bottom.  But finally, I heard it hiss down and felt its biting sting as it thrashed across my cheeks, delivering six unsparingly hard strokes. She gave me a short while to recover but soon set to work again and brought stroke after blistering stroke swishing down onto my fiercely scorching rear.

She, at last, put her cane aside, but an even tougher time now awaited me. I will not go into great detail, but Mistress first increased the tension by leaving me on the bench to think apprehensively about what might be coming next. But eventually, she unstrapped me and cuffed my wrists to a bar high above me.  Powerless, I watched her select some of the various instruments at her disposal. Then, with a smile, she showed them to me before coolly and professionally applying them to my most sensitive parts in order to inflict intense and precisely focused pain. This went on until gasping and squirming, I was released and returned to the bench.  An extensive spell under her flogger followed. I could not stop myself from yelping after each stroke as its long leather tails wrapped themselves around my buttocks and spread across my back. Finally, she reached for her cane again.  Supple and full of menace, it whipped fiercely across my backside, leaving it seething from the rigour of the punishment she was dispensing.

As promised, Mistress had taken me to my limits, so I felt a sense of achievement when the session finished.  I was also glad that I had not used any of our agreed safewords to ease the severity with which she had dealt with me. She unstrapped me and directed me to stand up.  Breathing heavily, I rose slowly from the bench. She watched with satisfaction as I stood before her, writhing from the pain that she had inflicted. She admired, in particular, the parallel red stripes across my bottom, which marked the strength and precision with which she had applied her cane and enjoyed seeing me massage the rock-hard weals that it had left. She knew that she had given me a hard time but complimented me on my resilience and said she would be very glad to test me more.  She warned me that another session would undoubtedly be difficult for me but was confident that it would give me as much pleasure as she would gain to learn how much further she could take me. With this in mind, I feel sure that, once I have fully recovered, I will submit to another rigorous session under the pitilessly strict but carefully measured and exhilarating discipline that Mistress dispenses.

I have been sessioning with Madam M for a few years now.  


Her chambers are fantastically well equipped and very easy to get to with parking close by or a train station a 10-minute walk away.


Obviously she is beautiful which helps. She is also English which is increasingly unusual these days. 


Madam M is relaxed about Her time in the chamber, and with me at least, always starts with a little chat to check my health, and if I'm looking for anything specific in the session. 


Unlike most Dommes I've met she is great company. And always puts me at ease before we begin.


Outside of the session you will meet a mature, sophisticated and friendly Mistress who is thoughtful and approachable. However in session you will be left in no doubt that She is in control.


She has a wonderful wardrobe. A great body, particularly lovely legs, gorgeous feet. And fantastic shoes.


If you’re into domination you can’t wish for a more patient, playful, strict Mistress to session with.


She is an expert in Her field I think, with a lot of experience, not some wannabe insta Domme. 


She is someone who is passionate and enthusiastic about what She does and that makes a difference!


In summary, She’s a very professional, caring, intelligent, beautiful Mistress with a keen interest and expertise in discipline. 

Despite not being an absolute novice to masochism, submission and such, I was very nervous. To wind back the clock a little, I have experienced BDSM on one level or another throughout most of my adult life, my intrigue in Female Domination being piqued in the nineties when I was drawn to clubs such as Torture Garden, to be honest, mostly because they were so welcoming of my trans persona.

Having had dalliances with Dominant types of all genders, I have come to realise that it's a strong and majestic female Domme who will be able to help me grow in the directions I need to grow. The possibility of trying the waters in this area of sensory experience presented itself, and I signed up for it instantly.


I turned up at the studio more than a little apprehensive; actually strike that, I was gripped with abject terror! I even phoned my good friend to tell her what I was doing in the hope she'd talk me out of it! No such luck, "tell me about it later", my good friend grinned down the phone to me! I had been craving that extra tier of protocol and propriety, that complete picture of Dominance that would allow my submission to flourish. When the opportunity to film with Merciless Dominas came up, it seemed just what I needed to take my next little step on this wonderful journey.

I arrived in good time to get my bearings and met all the other subs. We all gathered in the studio to wait for what we had in store. After a short while, Madam M and Miss Flora swept into the room; I don't know if my sensitivities were a little heightened by the excitement of the moment, but they seemed to glide in with a heady mixture of serenity, presence and gravitas. I was moved; this exactly the kind of stirring my subby little heart was yearning for.

Both Madam M and Miss Flora introduced themselves to me. I was the only female submissive, and the boys being chivalrous to a fault, had unanimously agreed "ladies first"! I had been pacing and getting into character, and my two tormentresses-to-be discussed some details: protocol, hard and soft limits, safe words and such. I was happy to find both Dommes warm, engaging, friendly and intelligent; it's very important for me to connect on a human level. We negotiated the way the scene would begin, and it all began to unfold slowly.


I was beckoned to serve my Mistresses with fruit and such. I was made to kneel while they discussed what they might want of me. I was teased and cajoled to put on a little show as I flaunted and stripped until, before I even realised, I stood near-naked in front of these two fabulous ladies. I was barely aware of how I was being moulded to the will of these two Valkyriesque Angel's, beautiful, magnificent and dangerous like sirens!

I recall Madam M's arms pinning me and her gently stern voice guiding me while Miss Flora's claws flayed the tender flesh of my breasts. When my struggles against the pain became too animated, and I needed to be pinioned to the bedposts in order to restrain me, it was Madam M's commands that kept me on point. I felt slaps, spanks, crops, whips and canes crashing and slashing onto the tender skin of my boobs and pussy.

Every time I looked set to wrestle myself free, Madam M would command the words, "take it"! "You can take it", "you will take it "! And... of course with a muffled, "Yes Mistress", through my gag, I did take it!


I have never been held so tenderly and encouraged so gently while such torment was bestowed upon me. As my tortures ramped up in intensity, I felt held, protected and comforted and while at times it seemed too much to bear, Madam M's voice guided me like a beacon. I was stunned by every aspect of these two magnificent ladies beings, their countenance, demeanour and presence.

What really took hold of me was their apparent extra sense, not only for each other, but it also felt like they had glanced right into my very soul. Madam M with her stern but kindly commands of, "spread those legs" and "take it", as if she knew how disappointed I would be if she let me tap out at my first urge to do so. Mistress held me and nurtured me to be the absolute best I could be, both for herself and Miss Flora, and my little subby heart just burst with pride at being permitted to show these two supreme beings my best. Having been moulded from a timorous wee beast to a proud, brave kitty, I was riding high for quite some time after that day.


I am left with no doubt that I would serve these fabulous Dommes in a heartbeat, should the chance arise again.

The first stanza of Burn’s Tam O’Shanta contains the lines 

“Where sits our sulky sullen dame.

Gathering her brows like gathering storm,

Nursing her wrath to keep it warm.”

Burns of course was a Scot and a philandering Scot at that, which reminds us  that Scotland was the last part of the United Kingdom to banish the use of corporal discipline at school.


For those of us who still reminisce after those days, I have written this short testimonial, an accolade to Madam M, who, I trust, will be nursing her own wrath to keep it warm waiting for my next visit.

And how would Robert Burns have dealt with her feminine wiles? Would this black widow spider have lured him into her web?  


Madam M is Mohini, Messalina and Medea all rolled into one. A Cleopatra of whom Burns would have been terrified. Yet for those of us who savour that mysterious unease before pressing the dungeon doorbell, no accolade can be greater.  


Effervescent, efficient, engaging, enticing, refined and ruthless, this goddess combines elegance and femininity making her a dominatrix of the highest class. 



"Before requesting a session, I had a delightful meeting with Madam M and was instantly captivated. She has a truly striking, austere yet alluring beauty, and a genuinely commanding presence that left me feeling nervous and tongue-tied, but thrilled just to be in her presence.


Mistress allowed me to buy her a drink and graciously accepted an initial tribute, then generously allowed me some of her time for a wonderful conversation about my situation, failings and hopes for future meetings. She was warm and engaging while still maintaining an air of natural superiority which was absolutely intoxicating to me.


A few days later Mistress was kind enough to let me visit her for a disciplinary session. I was mesmerised and almost speechless when she came to the door, dressed in the most titillating, yet elegant combination of lace and gauze that accentuated her wonderful figure in the most thrilling fashion. She had a distinctly more icy demeanour in her working space but I felt instantly drawn to her authority and was eager to obey her directions. Not being permitted to look at her directly was difficult but it was impossible not to do as I was told.


After an introductory conversation I was instructed to go upstairs and undress. Mistress soon followed and began by discussing my inadequacies. I’m aware of most of my failings but must admit Mistress pointed out some additional transgressions which had not occurred to me. She also made me realise that my failure to even notice them was a sign of selfishness. Being punished for these failings by Madam M felt absolutely real and natural. It was clear she was genuinely unimpressed and I had the sense she was very eager to deliver a harsh punishment. I was put through certain examinations and endured some very pointed criticism but soon enough I was naked and bent over a punishment bench, wondering nervously just how harsh it would be. I doubted I would be able to use a safe word as it would have felt impertinent, so I knew I would simply have to take whatever Mistress felt inclined to deliver.


“You will suffer this punishment in silence.” was Mistress’ opening comment. “Any sound at all and the strokes will simply get harder”.


I was not permitted to look at Madam M directly, or see the implements she was using. But I believe she began with a hand spanking, which soon became very hard to bear in silence. I let out the tiniest yelp which I hoped Mistress might not even hear but instantly the spanking became harder than I ever could have expected. Thankfully I was soon allowed a respite but it was only for as long as Mistress needed to change to a harsher implement.


I can’t imagine how I managed to stay silent through what followed but I knew what would happen if I made a sound. and yet, throughout the lengthy and very harsh spankings and strappings that followed I felt I was exactly where I should be.


I was amazed that despite the harshness of the punishment, the marks faded in only a day. I am plucking up courage to ask Mistress if she would mind giving me some marks that last longer next time. It’s nerve-wracking just to imagine what that would involve! But a punishment at Madam M's hands is a delight and a privilege, even if it is a struggle to endure it at the time."

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