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Self denial & Defiance

Self denial and Defiance

I have a slave who frequently visited me at my previous Dungeon that is in the process of being trained and is in need of being broken in.

He comes to me all full of bluster and bravado and time after time we play this little game, where essentially I lure him into a variety of situations where he is bound and suspended with no hope of escape... How do you lure someone into such a position I hear you ask?

Well, it’s quite simple when you are a Mistress!

Why do some of my creatures come to visit me? Because they want to be overpowered by a beautiful woman. We both know that if it came down to brute force I am no match for my pet. Particularly in this case as he is well built and physically fit, and even though I have the presence of a colossus, I am physically 5ft 3 (barefoot) and a very slender physique. So it all comes down to a game of psychology, or manipulation, if you prefer.

Plus I am armed with a selection of implements of torture!

I remind my pet, whilst he adopts the initial submissive position of hands and knees, that his role is to please his Mistress. He is here for my amusement and is required to show his commitment and loyalty at all times and surrender his trust in his Mistress. If he is unable to do this then he shall no longer be permitted to visit me, and the thought of being struck from my list of slaves fills him with more dread than the physical abuse that he knows is in store for him.

I relish watching him crawl towards me whilst fighting the urge within to defy. Each move of his is made only after receiving a direct command from myself. Head down in submission at all times and hands behind his back unless directed to use them; in this case to lift himself into the ready and waiting swing.

For those of you unfamiliar with a swing it resembles a hammock made from leather and is held up with chains attached at four suspensions points at the hips and shoulders, and holds the slave in a supine position (back down).

Now comes the ankle and wrist suspension cuffs which are attached to the very large suspension frame and pulley system. Naturally the cuffs must be applied one by one. At present it is just the desire to please me that keeps my sub in place...

I always begin with the hands with this particular slave as every second he lays hanging unrestrained, contemplating the alarming range of possibilities ahead, his instinct to resist builds within him. In fact, on most occasions he will initially decline to surrender his first arm for the cuffs to be attached. The poor sweet dear believes that he has the option to show self will! I adore these moments as it gives me an opportunity to display very quickly how vulnerable he actually is, and who exactly is in charge.

Now, there are many ways in which I can inflict pain upon my creatures if I wish, but I do so adore using methods that escalate with intensity...

Reaching for my trusty hand riding crop, a repetition of quick and brutal strikes to his nipples, inner thighs and finally testicles, promptly adjusts his attitude. Within seconds his hand is held outstretched and I have him begging for me to attach the arm cuffs. Which I do, slowly and very very tightly.

Of course the defiance has not gone unpunished, but alongside the physical reprimand he now receives a verbal dressing down/admonishment/tongue lashing which has him pleading for forgiveness and promising ultimate co-operation.

So the act of fastening his ankles into the cuffs, which in effect renders him unable to close his legs, goes smoothly in comparison.

I then move to the suspension frame and look him in the eye as I slowly start to wind the mechanism that begins to raise and stretch his arms and legs apart. Somewhat reminiscent of a scene from Witchfinder General, for those of you that enjoy your films.

I chuckle to express amusement as the reality of the situation dawns upon his face with each sound of the cog turning, and the strain on his limbs becomes more and more unbearable.

Now I have him exactly where I want him. Legs and arms stretched out, unable to move anything accept his head, and his naked vulnerable body on display to me like the blank canvas that it is.

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