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A voyeuristic moment in time

I once had the pleasure of sharing a revealing moment with one of the dungeon's visiting slaves.

I had just finished a session and was about to relax with a foot rub from the House Boy, when the doorbell rang. A very excited creature was escorted to the waiting room and I went in to establish his reason for visiting. From here on in we shall refer to him as Sandy.

We soon ascertained that Sandy was a regular visitor to the dungeon and had arranged for a special parcel to be delivered there. Sandy explained that inside said parcel, was a latex dress that had been hand designed for an upcoming event he - now she - planned to attend.

It became apparent to Sandy and myself that we had a love of latex in common. I could feel the excitement barely contained within her, so I strolled off to collect the parcel and returned with just a hint of curiosity and anticipation.

On handing over the parcel I asked Sandy if she would like to try the item on before leaving, and in doing so I realised that I too had become drawn in to the moment, and wanted to join Sandy in the opening of the parcel.

Why was it that I was so thrilled at the opportunity to watch an inanimate object being opened by another? The gift was not for me, and those are the best gifts of all are they not? Yet I was more than aware of the increasing suspense tingling throughout my body.

Sandy did not hesitate in accepting my offer. The plain, brown cardboard that protected the precious and long awaited garment was discarded without a second glance, and the gown was revealed in all its glory.

I am not sure if it was myself or Sandy who was more thrilled when the latex dress was pulled out of its slip. Together we perused the item, and cooed over it in excited tones. The parcel contained an air hostess style, knee length pencil dress with a matching cap in a light blue colour, and as Sandy held the dress up against her body, I could see her caress the material with her fingers, lapping up the sensation of the latex.

Sandy retreated to the dressing room and once she had slipped into the outfit, I ordered her to assume a number of different positions for my pleasure, as we discussed how she planned to accessorise the outfit for her upcoming excursion.

This scenario obviously continues, however it is not for your ears, my little pets. That moment remains between the delectable Sandy and I...

The reason for sharing this story, is because of the intense realisation revealed to me through this chance meeting. I had always known that I had a fascination and an attraction to certain fabrics and lingerie, however I was unaware of the level of excitement and intense pleasure that I could derive from watching another creature perform the simplest of activities; such as opening a parcel.

Watching my slaves dress up and parade themselves in front of me is an intense voyeuristic pleasure and one that I intend to indulge in many more times in the future. The anticipation when they are dressing is a thrill in itself and one that I know you would enjoy, were I to slip behind a screen to don something as skin like and sexual as the latex dress Sandy had...

If only you were that favoured!

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