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Pay “Guinea” Pig

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

My experience with Findom becoming a Pay “Guinea” Pig

i had always been against Findom, especially cash point meets. i just never understood it. What could be erotic about giving money to someone i used to think. Surely Findom was just a money making venture by some Women, who provided nothing in return. The one thing i never understood were the Women who would obtain money from males by insulting them online, to me this was the ultimate turn off and definitely a hard limit.

This all changed while i was on Twitter one night and i saw a cash point meet by a Mistress. There were no insults as the sub handed over his hard earned money in a cash point meet. But it was the excitement in Her voice, the smile on Her face, Her joy that made me want to try this with my Mistress. I was so aroused i even messaged this Mistress from my vanilla account to find out more details of the cash point meet and contacted Madam M to let Her know that this was something i needed to try.

Then came lockdown and i became genuinely concerned on how Madam M would cope with the impact COVID on Her business. i messaged Her to find out how i could help Her. i adore Madam M, She has emotional intelligence and a dirty mind in a very rare combination. i feel i can confide my darkest secrets to Her without Her judging me and She is stunningly attractive too. Anything i could do to help Her would be no trouble for me and i postulated about paying Her in advance for sessions or buying more gifts for Her.

i have known Madam M for just over a year and enjoy giving Her gifts, from Her wish list. To be able to contribute to making Her happy fills me with inner joy and satisfaction and i have been referred to as Her gift gimp online which makes me proud.

During COVID Madam M was very generous to me with Her time as She knew i had a stressful vanilla job and was putting myself in danger doing it. However while on Twitter i notice Findom Mistresses who subs were contributing gifts and money in the region of over £200. i was intrigued, could this be for me i thought, but i did not want to be ruined like some seem to be. The thought of being in a vulnerable position for my Mistress’s benefit is something that aroused and excited me, but i needed to find out more.

i contacted a financial submissive online about his experience with Findom and was reassured that Findom was not only for the incredibly wealthy, but by making sacrifices daily he was able to serve his mistress and give Her a sizable amount in money and gifts. i asked him if he regretted giving his mistress all this money and he reassured me he did not and it was a big part of who he is, this was the reassurance that i needed to give it a go.

So i contacted my Mistress with my idea of serving Her as a financial submissive on my Birthday in a naughty retweet game on Twitter. i wanted to impress Her with the amount of money that i could offer, however Her first concern was that i could only play with money i could afford and She had no wish for me to come to harm or bankrupt me. i assured Her that the money i would play with was money i could afford and how i was going to obtain it. i could tell Her first concern was my welfare and after reassuring Her, we agreed that i was going to be Her pay “guinea” pig in this retweet game.

i started making sacrifices; selling a camera i don’t use (£115), obtaining money from Ryanair for cancelled flights (£156), claiming travel cost from work (£20), making a packed lunch rather than buying lunch from Costa (£7.50 x 5 = £37.5), it was highly erotic. i felt i was at play with Madam M in my vanilla life in front of the entire world with no one knowing. It felt amazing doing things to put money into my “pay piggy bank” for our retweet games with Madam M, i felt so happy serving Mistress just going about my vanilla life and was content and happy. Findom was definitely working for me.

We agreed on the rules of the retweet game which involved me, the pay pig paying Mistress a set amount of money for each comment, like, and retweet that the Birthday tweet post had. We agreed that # inferior male creatures should only be allowed to make one comment, while the Superior Female gender could make unlimited comments, which added to my excitement. The thought of handing my Mistress my money in a very public way online excited me more, and pushed a lot of buttons with me, such as public (online) humiliation, feeling vulnerable, Findom and Femdom.

Madam M was keen for the game to take place in the evening to attract more attention, so i paid an agreed deposit and we were all set.

On the day prior to my retweet game, i became aware of my predicament. A friend wanted to meet up in the evening, however i knew that would be the time of our game, so i made an excuse why we could not meet as all i wanted to do was be with my Mistress online. The thought of seeing each like, retweet, reading each comment in real time and the ramification these would have on my wallet made me very excited and i knew that on my birthday there was only one place i wanted to be. I knew that in less than 24 hours my Mistress, Her friends and the entire Twitter community were in a position to drain my bank account for Her pleasure and i loved it.

i managed to get some sleep and awoke on my birthday, i felt very excited for what was to come. i saw my vanilla friends during the day and spoke to people on the phone but all i could think of was my Mistress and the retweet game. my birthday dragged and then i received a message from my Mistress that the She decided to up the stakes of the game, so instead of £1 for every comment, retweet and like it would be £3 and instead of 1 hour it should be 2 hours. Naturally i agreed as the thought of being publically drained online filled me with so much excitement. It was amazing the feeling of being manipulated by my Mistress who clearly knew how to push the buttons of my newfound fetish.

Then Mistress posted the game on Her Twitter account and my heart started racing ...i felt exposed and vulnerable but highly excited by my predicament. As each comment, like and retweet came i became more and more aroused as the public humiliation element of the game was something i did not expect i would enjoy so much. But underlying this was the thought of contributing something that was really useful to my Mistress’s everyday life, money i felt i had found, a very pure form of submission that made me very content and i could do it while i was not able to visit Her during lock down.

The constant teasing and attention i was receiving was a massive turn on and i ensured i liked each of the comments to encourage people to comment more. i especially liked the one word comments and one letter comments just to drain my wallet. Time went very quickly and after 2 hours i noted that i had been wished a happy birthday more from the online fetish community than i had done in my vanilla life. i counted the money i should tribute my Mistress and felt sad as i really wanted it to be more. i have always wanted to treat my Mistress as She deserves and i asked if She would object if i changed the rules of the game so it was £5 for every comment, retweet and like.

For me while it was exciting to play the retweet game, making my Mistress smile with an act of kindness make me happy. During lockdown, having a Mistress who has provided me with so much emotional support during this time was very much appreciated and i want to thank Her. The retweet game was in part a way to make a positive impact on Her life as She did with mine, except i did not expect to have enjoyed it so much when i initially proposed the retweet idea to Mistress.

Looking back on my Findom experience there were so many positives i gained from it. What initially started out as a way to serve my Mistress during lockdown turned out to be so much more fun than i expected, I felt very close to my Mistress during my daily sacrifices to put money in the piggy back for our retweet game... I have plans to work overtime shifts with the sole purpose to play another retweet game with Mistress. I would thoroughly recommend this to any submissive, especially during lockdown.

Twinkles (Madam M's "guinea" pay pig)

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